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Fighting for the right for senior doctors to work past retirement age

SENIORS need to get for their rights and make politicians realise that older people still have a voice at the ballot box, says Perth doctor K C Wan. Dr Wan has been championing the movement for fairness and justice for doctors who want to work past retirement age.

“But this is not just about doctors. Plenty of people like to keep working and should be encouraged. It’s good for you,” he said. At 74, Dr Wan has more than the average briefcase of credentials.

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Dr Bruce Shepherd AM – Memorial Service

Dear Doctors, friends and colleagues of the late Dr Bruce Shepherd AM A memorial service for Dr Shepherd will be held on Thursday 07/06/18 at St Marys Catholic Church, 42 Ridge Street, North Sydney @ 11.00am In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for a consideration...

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Vale Dr Bruce Shepherd AM

Our friend, colleague and leader Dr Bruce Shepherd AM passed away at 7:30 this morning in Bowral, NSW. Dr Bruce Shepherd AM was the founder of The Australian Doctors' Fund (now Australian Doctors’ Federation), which, since its inception in 1990, has worked diligently...

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The High Cost of Public Reporting

In an age where big data is king and doctors are urged to treat populations, the journey of one man still has much to tell us. This is a tale of a man named Joe and his story led to increase the chances of success for patients.

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Why our profession is in danger of becoming a government department

Dr Maxine Szramka Spokesperson and Member of the Management Committee Australian Doctors’ Federation discusses why our profession is in danger of becoming a government department Anyone who has a concern about maintaining high standards of medical education and training should read the recent 188-page proposal by Prof Michael Woods entitled, ‘Independent Review of Accreditation Systems within the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for Health Professions’.

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